Created 12/08/2019

One of the problems with Universal Credit is that it is paid monthly in arrears.

Childcare costs are paid at 85% of fees up to a monthly maxmium of £646.35(1 child)  or £1108.04(2 or more children).

Clients often have to pay £100s in childcare costs to their childcare provider up front,  and this disintentivices work and makes it very difficult to budget and pay rent.

The government has confirmed that help in advance is available from the Flexible Support Fund.  Clients should contact their work coach in the Job Centre.

''The Flexible Support Fund (FSF) is a discretionary fund that work coaches can use to support eligible claimants to get closer to or move into work. On 11 January 2019, the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions announced that the FSF could also be used more widely to pay for upfront childcare costs until the claimant receives their first wage. The availability of this fund is actively promoted in jobcentres and to all claimants who might benefit.''