Created 01/08/2017

Housing Benefit guidance has been issued to try to reduce the misdirection by Benfit Authorities for clients with more than 2 children in digital(full service) Universal Credit areas.

'Some claimants are being misdirected to claim the wrong bene t depending upon their personal circumstances. This misdirection results in claimants being sent from Universal Credit to tax credits and Housing Benefit (HB) and, often, back again; resulting in nancial dif culties.'

'Claimants with two children or less
3. Claimants can make a new claim to Universal Credit if they have two or less children or qualifying young persons (QYPs); this includes claimants with no children.
Claimants with more than two children
4. Claimants with three or more children or QYPs will not be able to make a new claim for Universal Credit, unless the claimant:
• has been in receipt of Universal Credit within the previous six month period and is making a re-claim
• is making a new claim as a single person within one month of a previous joint claim ending, because they are no longer a member of a couple
5. New Universal Credit claimants with more than two children or QYPs will need to apply for Child Tax Credit and any other benefits they may be entitled to including HB.