Created 04/01/2019
The government say 'The NHS Business Services Authority (NHS BSA) delivers the Prescription Exemption Checking Service and first began prescription exemption checks relating to Department for Work and Pensions benefits in June 2017....it
issued a total of 1,863,098 prescription penalty charge notices between 4 June 2017 and 30 November 2018.'
There is still no box on the prescription form for Universal Credit exemption-
'Work is ongoing to update the FP10 prescription form to include a new exemption tick box for use by Universal Credit claimants who meet the criteria for free National Health Service prescriptions.'
The government say if clients think they are eligible they should instead tick the box that says they are on JSA(income based). UC earnings thresholds for health benefits are- the lower threshold is £435 per month(for most) or the higher threshold is £935 per month for those who have a child and/or limited capability for work (or limited capability for work related activity) element.‘