Created 09/05/2019

The government has explained-

'We are currently working with a number of test landlords to design the Apply for Direct Rent Payment service. This research is helping us to understand the activities we need to complete before we are able to introduce this to all landlords. We expect to complete our system testing and refinement work by the Autumn and have this system fully in place by the end of 2019'

'… claimants will be consulted and can also request for their rent to be paid to their landlord. In all cases where a landlord requests a direct payment, this is shared with the claimant , who can dispute the request If they have a genuine reason for not needing their rent to be paid direct to their landlord. For instance,
if they were involved in an ongoing dispute with their landlord.'

On another matter, childcare costs- Upfront childcare costs are often a barrier to getting into work and can be claimed at the Job Centre via the Flexible Support Fund.

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