Created 08/04/2019

How do you challenge a claim that's closed?

The government say-

'In the event of a closed claim, claimants can still see their previous journal entries and payment statements in a read-only format.

If a claimant opens a new claim, this read-only access will no longer be accessible to the claimant. However, if a claimant, who has had a previous claim closed, needs to access their previous statements or their journal, a case manager can access them on their behalf and provide them with any information they might require.'

We suggest you ask for a Mandatory reconsideration in writing and send it in by
post to- UCFS Post Canterbury BC, Nutwood House, Chaucer Road,
Canterbury, Kent CT1 1ZZ

If the claim has been closed, the journal will be inaccessible so you could ask the Jobcentre to upload the MR request. If you need a copy of the journal details and it's inaccessible, then ask for a paper copy.

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