Created 01/12/2017
Key findings were-
'...Conclusion- Universal Credit as it exists at present is not fit for purpose. It can scarcely be called a benefit, as it is
throwing vulnerable people into hardship through the complexity of the application and managing processes –
• Over 60% found the initial application process difficult or very difficult.
• The requirement to apply and manage the system online is causing problems for many people, either because they
don’t have ready access to the internet (over 40% rely on using a free computer in the local library) or because they
are not comfortable with internet use (30%). Although there are alternative methods of claiming and managing the
claim, over 50% of claimants in our survey were not informed about these. Because claimants can’t always access
their UC journals on a daily basis, they risk missing appointments and attracting a sanction
• The legislative requirement that claimants will usually have to wait at leastup to 6 weeks after their claim has been
accepted has caused untold hardship for the majority of claimants, who are pushed into debt, forced to rely on
charity or the goodwill of family and friends, suffer from stress and anxiety, risk losing their homes and remain beset
by confusion.'