Created 02/10/2017

Calls to pause UC roll out- to avert '...a human and political catastrophe’from the Work and Pensions Committee

Citizens Advice Report- Universal Credit 'is a disaster waiting to happen' and no one should wait '... longer than 6 weeks for an income, and that anyone who needs it gets a payment within 2 weeks that they do not need to repay..Problems with budgeting, particularly when people’s income fuctuates due

to insecure work.

  • Poor administration and errors by the Jobcentre or Universal Credit team. 
  •  Difficulties opening a bank, building society or credit union account, which

    is needed to receive Universal Credit.

  • Money being taken from regular Universal Credit payments for other debts,

    such as rent arrears or tax credit overpayments.

North Kensington UC Full Service postponed again- perhapsanindicatorof national UC problems? Roll-out has been postponed a second time from 4 October 2017 to 26 September 2018. This area contains the Grenfell tower.

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How many are on UC? 590,000 statistics. '...In June 2017, 34% of households in the Social Rented Sector had housing costs paid directly to a landlord, compared to 6% in the Private Rented Sector.'

HB stop notices when client goes onto UC- automatic notices should be available form the end of September 2017 onwards HBG9/2017- HB guidance

Employer declaring wages on time- Where an employer fails to notify earnings on time, a Universal Credit award may be adjusted to make appropriate amendments. caselaw This con rms Regulation 61(3)(b)(i)

Expansion of Trusted Partner Status- Following successful pilots of the ‘Trusted Partner’ scheme and the ‘Landlord Portal Service’, DWP will rollout both initiatives together. We will start enrolling more landlords in stages from October, in tandem with the expansion of the Universal Credit Full Service. We will start with the largest landlord groups, in order to ensure the highest possible number of tenants are able to bene t from the schemes, as early as possible. Damien Hinds

How Many UC claimants served waiting days? 64% with 36 being exempt. Remember to check if your client is in an exempt group. DWP Statistics.

How many private sector UC tenants are in rent arrears? 1 in 3 up over 10% since last year, on average, landlords were owed £1600.88 in rent arrears and 53% of landlords successfully request an Alternative Payment Arrangement( Residential Landlords Association survey).

What if your client has no internet access? '...all jobcentres across the country have Wi-Fi and computers available, including 6000 additional computers installed to support the introduction of Universal Credit' Damien Hinds


Types of UC Advance payments- did you know there are four types? New Claim advances, Budgeting advances, Change of Circumstance advances, Bene t transfer advances
here's the statistics

How Many of New Claims for UC are paid on time?
here's the statistics


Help for you-
Here's the latest timetable for UC full(digital) service roll out click here for our guide. If this changes then we will update the guide.

Case escalation routes- what to do if there are administration problems / delays with UC. Ask your UC lead at your local job centre or UC local partnership manager to escalate cases for you.

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