Created 09/08/2019

The same regulations referred to above introduce more changes-

● Start of a managed migration pilot of 10,000 claimants in Harrogate(this started from 24 July 2019). click here for more details. On managed migration, there will generally be a 3 month deadline to make a UC claim. A transitional element would be payable where the amount in legacy benefits was more than that due under UC. This might be lost e.g. for a couple separating or forming or a cessation of employment or a sustained drop in earnings over 3 months . A transitional capital disregard for 1 year may apply
where a client was entitled to tax credits and had more than £16,000 in capital before migration.

● introduce discretionary hardship payments that can be made to those who have gone through the managed migration process and appear to be in hardship

● make provision so claimants who are receiving an existing benefit and are also in education, are considered to meet the universal credit entitlement conditions when they are managed migrated to universal credit.

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