Created 02/11/2017
UC- latest and useful help 
A useful DWP document for landlords explains-
No copy of the tenancy agreement? 'If a tenant doesn’t have a copy of their tenancy agreement, DWP may accept a
letter from the landlord confirming the current rent and service charges.' (para 4.1)
Notification that a tenant is on UC to social landlords- '...UC179 form – notification to social landlord of a claim to
Universal Credit
UC182 form – verification of housing costs, this is issued to a social landlord if a tenant claims Universal Credit but
fails to produce sufficient evidence to verify their housing costs.
If you’re a social landlord and have a tenant receiving Universal Credit full service (UCFS) as part of the UCFS housing
costs verification process, a form is sent to the claimant’s social rented sector landlord asking for housing cost details.
This is also the notification that a claim has been made... DWP does not inform private landlords that their tenant has
made a claim to Universal Credit....' (para 4.3)
Applying to have the rent paid to landlord (MPTL-Managed Payment to Landlord Alternative Payment
'Use Form UC47 or if you’re a social landlord you can also apply for a MPTL as part of the housing costs verification
process, either by using the form Universal Credit sends to request housing cost details...DWP will notify when the
MPTL ceases but we won’t tell you the reason why. This is because of data sharing regulations and claimant
confidentiality' (para 8.3)
How the DWP pay the managed payments- lots of detail here. (para 8.4 and 8.5)
Enquiring about a managed payment-
Live service-'Questions from a Local Authority, landlord or third party acting on behalf of a claimant- telephoning:
0345 600 0723 emailing uc.servicecentrehousing@dwp.gsi.gov.uk
If there is a threat of eviction landlords are asked to note the subject field accordingly ‘Potential Eviction’. It must not
be used for new APA requests, or for raising any other issues. Enquiries noted as potential eviction will be cleared
within 24 hours. All other enquiries will be cleared within 5 days. (para 8.5)
Digital service- 'In the first instance the landlord should engage with their tenant about the issue...
If more assistance is required the claimant can ask via the journal, face to face or telephone the service centre and
provide explicit consent to share their personal information with their landlord or other representative. When
contacting Universal Credit the claimant’s representative will be asked to confirm their identity so the case manager
can speak to the landlord direct. If you are unable to engage with your tenant you can contact the following number
0345 600 4272' (para 8.5)
Changes which may affect the managed payment to landlord (MPTL) APA- 'changes address- the MPTL APA will
cease from the end of the assessment period before the claimant changed address. Universal Credit can only make
deductions in respect of rent arrears for a debt owed on the claimant’s current address. If the claimant changes
address any deductions being made will cease. A notification will be sent to the landlord where the Managed
Payment has ended. Whilst a MPTL is in effect the landlord must notify the department of any changes which a
landlord can be reasonably expected to know which might affect the claimant’s entitlement to:
Universal Credit the amount of Universal Credit awarded the continued payment of Universal Credit
If the MPTL is overpaid due to a change that has not been reported by either the claimant or the landlord, the
landlord may be asked to repay the overpaid benefit.' (para. 8.6)
How Rent Arrears deductions to the landlord will be paid- '... normally receive payment every 28 days and will be
28 days in arrears...The first payment is normally received within 6 weeks from the date deductions commence.
A BACS payment will be paid into the bank account nominated by the landlord...A third party payment schedule will
be sent to you with a breakdown of rent arrears payments. Payment schedules are issued by post unless you are set
up to receive electronic schedules...For details of how to receive payment schedules, an information pack or further
information about electronic schedules (EDI) e-mail: customerpayments.edi@dwp.gsi.gov.uk
...The maximum rate at which deductions for rent arrears can be made is 20% of the Universal Credit standard
amount. The rate used will depend on the claimant’s circumstances. Only the claimant can request a change to the
percentage rate by contacting Universal Credit....(para 9.1)
Stop press- the UC enquiry telephone line is to become a freephone number in the next few weeks.