Created 01/10/2018

The government has published useful Housing Benefit guidance relating to Universal Credit. A7/2018 (revised) 


New style JSA and ESA- 'To enable Universal Credit and contribution-based JSA or ESA to be paid together, new style’ ESA and new style JSA have been introduced. The new style bene ts consist of the contribution-based part of the bene ts only. They can be paid regardless of whether a claimant is also entitled to Universal Credit or not.' 


DHPs- 'DHPs can be made to people who are entitled to either HB or a UC award that includes an amount for housing costs and who have dif culty meeting their rent commitments...DWP does not see any legal reason why DHPs cannot be paid to UC claimants who have an MPTL in place..' 


Change of address within an LA area- 'If an existing HB claimant moves home within the same LA area, a new HB claim is not required and LAs may continue to award HB based upon the change of circumstances. A claim to UC is not needed if the claimant moves house within the same LA area.

10. It is only when a claimant moves out of the LA boundary that an HB award ends and a new HB claim would have to be made but is prevented by the UCFS rules. This means that a UC claim must be made for housing costs instead.' 


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