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Mark Lawton, Learning Disabilities Partnership, Brighter Futures
Welcome to Social Welfare Training

We provide quality welfare benefits training and consultancy based on legal rights.

Our accredited training and resources support:
  • Poverty reduction
  • Tenancy sustainment
  • Independence for disabled people
  • Getting into work
  • Keeping up with Welfare Reform
  • Staff development

The Solicitors Regulation Authority(SRA) has authorised us to award Continuing Professional Development(CPD) points for solicitors attending our courses. Our allocated CPD reference is EJV/SWTL.

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Neil Arnott - 09/01/2017

Are you aware of, and do you know the outcome of completing the alleged new form or questionnaire that is being sent to PIP/DLA claimants who are due for renewal within eighteen month?.

Neil Arnott - 09/01/2017

Neil Couling, Director General for the Universal Credit Programme, gave evidence to the Scottish Parliament on 15/12/2016(

Neil Arnott - 09/01/2017

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Introduction to Welfare Benefits 2017

Cardiff 20/02/2017
London 21/02/2017
Birmingham 27/02/2017
Manchester 28/02/2017
London 06/03/2017
Exeter 07/03/2017
Leeds 15/03/2017

Housing Costs and Universal Credit 2017

Birmingham 13/03/2017
Manchester 14/03/2017
London 20/03/2017
Cardiff 22/03/2017

Benefits for Older People 2017

Birmingham 24/04/2017
London 25/04/2017
Manchester 27/04/2017
Cardiff 28/04/2017

Welfare Reform- Benefit Updater 2017

Birmingham 08/05/2017
London 09/05/2017
Cardiff 10/05/2017
Manchester 23/05/2017

PIP 2017- challenging decisions- workshop

Birmingham 15/05/2017
London 16/05/2017
Cardiff 17/05/2017
Manchester 24/05/2017