….enabled me to give clear instruction and guidance to the staff team.
Maxine Foster, Services Manager, Advance UK
Welcome to Social Welfare Training

We provide quality welfare benefits training and consultancy based on legal rights.

Our accredited training and resources support:
  • Poverty reduction
  • Tenancy sustainment
  • Independence for disabled people
  • Getting into work
  • Keeping up with Welfare Reform
  • Staff development

The Solicitors Regulation Authority(SRA) has authorised us to award Continuing Professional Development(CPD) points for solicitors attending our courses. Our allocated CPD reference is EJV/SWTL.

Latest News

The new team at the Department for Work and Pensions is:

Neil Arnott - 07/07/2017

A press release from the last coalition government still holds true.

Neil Arnott - 07/07/2017

Guidance (HB U2/2017

Neil Arnott - 07/07/2017

Atos Healthcare is changing its name to Independent Assessment Services(IAS). They say-

'... we have introduced a new business name that better represents the work we do independently assessing PIP cases.'

Neil Arnott - 07/07/2017

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Sally Harris - 25/07/2017
Lauren Williams - 25/07/2017


Introduction to Welfare Benefits 2017

London 18/09/2017
Cardiff2 19/09/2017
Birmingham 25/09/2017
Manchester 26/09/2017
London 02/10/2017

Benefits for Older People 2017

Manchester 27/09/2017
Birmingham 09/10/2017
Cardiff2 10/10/2017
London 16/10/2017

Universal Credit 2017

London 17/10/2017
London 06/11/2017
Cardiff2 07/11/2017
Birmingham 14/11/2017
Manchester 15/11/2017

Welfare Reform- Benefit Updater 2017

Birmingham 20/11/2017
Manchester 21/11/2017
London 27/11/2017
Cardiff2 28/11/2017

Welfare Benefit Appeals 2017

London 04/12/2017
Cardiff2 05/12/2017
Birmingham 11/12/2017
Manchester 12/12/2017