Created 01/08/2017

Getting sanctioned when on JSA is very common.
How can you help clients who struggle with their JSA claimant commitment?

One way is- using the regulation 13 of the Job Seekers Allowance regulations 1996-
‘physical or mental health’ - a client may ‘...
restrict his availability in any way providing the restrictions are reasonable in the light of his physical or mental condition.’ A decision maker would normal want to see medical evidence of the health condition. If linked to their physical or mental health then the client doesn’t need to show ‘Reasonable prospects of securing employment’.

Another way is a resource in our members' area- as per a
handy leaflet produced by Forest of Dean CAB using the Equalities Act.

'Examples of Reasonable Adjustments you could ask for, if you need them due to your disability-

Altering the time of your signing on appointment or more exible signing on times
Reducing the frequency of signing on

  • Help with completing forms
  • Help using a computer
  • Reducing the number of job applications you need to make
  • Change the type or location of work
  • Help with referral to a disability employment adviser
  • Not referring you to Workfare which is a Government programme making individuals undertake work in return for their bene ts
  • Referring you to the Access to Work Programme which is a Government scheme for disabled workers paying for certain reasonable adjustments such as equipment, a support worker or travel to work.
  • Increasing sick time before sanctions are imposed
  • Varying or limiting the types of work according to the
  • type of disability
  • Not sanctioning you for breaches of your Claimant Commitment arising from symptoms of your disability'

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