Created 08/04/2019

safeguards in place and support available to assist homeless people in making a claim for Universal Credit include:

From 1 April 2019 Citizens Advice (England and Wales) and Citizens Advice Scotland will deliver a new “Help to
Claim” service to support vulnerable claimants through the process of making a claim to Universal Credit.

If a person doesn’t have a fixed address, they can register their hostel or temporary accommodation as their
address, and if they are sleeping rough they can use the address of their local jobcentre.

A work coach can use other methods to identify a person where someone does not have ID, including the use of
biographical questions and third party biographical verification.

Measures are in place to make payments through other methods where someone doesn’t have a bank account,
including post office card accounts or the Payment Exception Service.

Work coaches can also help people through the process of setting up a bank account where appropriate.

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