Created 10/07/2018
A National Audit Office report 'Rolling out Universal Credit' has found-
‘no realistic alternative but to continue’...‘costs per claim- March 2018 £699(2024 prediction(£173 per claim...)’it’s not clear it will be cheaper to administer....may cost more’....12,000 staff working on UC....nearly 60% of new claimants
(around 56,000 a month) receive a Universal Credit in five claimants don’t get their payments on time....additional costs for organizations that support claimants ‘no means to assess the full monetary impact that Universal Credit is having.’....DWP has failed to listen to concerns of third parties, often in denial....DWP claim that UC will help 200,000 extra people into work can not be proven or measured....not value for money, and unlikely to ever be.... so the DWP now has a better grip on some of the problems areas....£1.9 billion spent on bringing in system to 10% of expected caseload.